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Health and Safety at Work


• It is the responsibility of each employee to be ever mindful of their duty towards other employees in respect of health and safety (eg smoking in designated areas only, transmitting contagious disease or illness).
• To observe all instructions and comply with all codes in respect of health and safety at work.
• Observe all precautions codes of practice and immediately report to the matron/proprietors any electrical, wiring or equipment defects noted.
• All residents own electrical equipment must be suitability examined prior to be used in the home.
• All potential hazard risks, loose floor titles, uneven stair treads, uneven carpeting etc should be reported to the matron/ proprietors immediately in order that appropriate action can be instigated.


• Special care must be taken in storage, labelling, administration and checking of drugs. All statutory regulations in relation to controlled drugs must strictly be complied with.
• All staff dealing with medications must be familiar with the various drugs policies.
• Due care and caution must be adopted in the storage and use of combustible pressurised apparatus eg oxygen cylinders.
• All staff must be familiar with the correct manual handling techniques when moving or handling residents. Staff must attend the required manual handling training sessions arranged by the home.
• Assistance should be sought, when necessary, especially when using specialised equipment.
• Good hygiene practices should be adopted when involved in resident contact and where necessary precautionary measures adopted. A good understanding of the infection control policies is a MUST.
• Protective clothing eg. gloves, aprons, masks, goggles etc must be worn when necessary.
• All registered staff should keep themselves updated with the UKCC guidelines on Professional Code of Conduct. This booklet is kept in the office.

• Due care and caution must be used when using electrical appliances, faulty equipment must be reported immediately to the matron or nurse in charge and equipment taken out of use. (This equipment must be labelled clearly to ensure that no staff use it. This should also be noted in the diary).
• Avoid tripping hazards (trailing wires etc).
• When engaged in floor surface cleaning, ensure that furniture is placed so that sharp corners do not pause a hazard.
• Floors and gangways must be kept clean, dry and must not be left in a slippery condition.
• Ensure that hazard notices are used where necessary.
• Employees should on no account should employees tamper with electrical appliances.
• When carrying or lifting heavy items employees must seek help from other staff and use correct techniques.
• Protective clothing must be worn when using cleaning chemicals etc.

All cleaning materials should be stored in a locked cupboard.