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Thank You!

To Debbie Calveley , Inspector CQC for Brooklands Nursing Home

Dad has been at this home since January 2020. Since he arrived his care was always far superior to what he was receiving at home due to his specific needs but also because of varying quality of care by the Carers in the community. Since arriving he always looks clean and smart when we pop by and visit and an effort was always made to get him up out of bed and into the communal area. My mind is at rest knowing that he is in a place where the staff seem to really care and dad is not just another old person but is treated like he matters.

During the Covid-19 crisis we have obviously been unable to visit him properly at this home, however we have found the team, led by Kay to be fantastic. We get updates, we are able to send video messages to Kay’s and other Carers personal phones which they then show to dad. We are also able to wave to him from his window assisted by his Carers. They are happy to take the time out to help him see us when we show up unannounced, they have never told us they are too busy.I also feel that in these unprecedented times they are doing their absolute best to manage infection and keep the residents safe. Long may this continue and the whole family thanks them from the bottom of our hearts.

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